Friday, August 03, 2012

Olympic-sized hurdles or: How job hunting is more nerve-wracking

The second interview with Disney Canada went well. HR called me in for the 3rd (and, one can only hope, final) round before making a decision. I was told they'd need someone by October 1, but if the candidate can start a month earlier, even better.

It's scheduled two weeks from now (due to vacations) and they've allotted 2-hours for me to meet the HR manager, the manager of marketing and promotions, as well as the director of the whole kit and kaboodle in consecutive time slots. 

I'm not nervous, but I am perplexed and hopeful that this job will pan out for me. (Perplexed because, uh, what the hell did they see in me?) It will require traveling to Florida on a near monthly basis to oversee and host PR events pertaining to Disney-owned properties (parks, resorts, and cruises).

I told my friend that the interviewers must have really responded to my energy because, on paper, I feel like I'm the least qualified out of the possible resumes they must've received. However, the hiring manager liked that I had a retail sales background; spent time as a print and broadcast journalist, and could converse in basic French. And though I had admitted that I had no formal or informal training in PR, she reassured me that it was much easier to teach someone how to do PR than it was to turn someone into a people person. (Good point!)

My friend Ray once called me the "ultimate schmoozer". Looks like those skills finally found a use.