Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wedding photos + rambling thoughts

Here's a sneak peek of our friends' wedding. Paul uploaded some photos of their big day on his website. Take a look!


Paul and I were walking home last night and he told me about this great start-up idea. Immediately, I dragged him into a bookstore and asked someone to direct us to the e-commerce section. She led us there and we got a-talking. Apparently, she's also a small business owner who started her own publishing company so she could distribute her own children's books. It was late, so we had to leave, but not before I gave her our business card.

Since last night, I've been brainstorming and reaching out to people in my network who might be interested in contributing to this idea.  We already know it's going to be a high capital, IT-heavy venture, so I made sure to emphasize that without discouraging them.  There are similar business models in existence in the United States, but they have some glaring flaws when it comes to dealing with international customers. Paul thinks there's a void there and power abhors a vacuum.

We're going to do some research and start pounding out a business plan so we have a better sense of what we're getting into. It's not enough to know that we need a lot of money; we need to know where it's going. I'm excited about this project because it sure beats sending out resumes and getting zero interest.

I'm not as freaked out about being unemployed as I was the last time I lost my job. I think it's because I have a better understanding of what I want to get out of life in general. Or more specifically, I know exactly what I don't want out of life and that's working behind a desk all day, vying for promotions, and hoping the money they give me quells the voice in my head that tells me how disappointed I am for not having contributed one iota to society.

My last boss was an overweight paranoid cokehead in her mid-forties. Everyday, she schemed and pointed her fat finger at anyone who challenged her authority. The executives were a bunch of bean counters with little appreciation for the creative process and ordained her as their dowsing rod to find profitable projects (from what I hear, no success yet).

After that experience, I've determined it's better to get by on rice and beans than support egomaniacs.  Ah, true communist at heart. If only that utopian ideal had prospered rather than have collapsed under the weight of its ineptitude.

Correction: I believe in the free market, but having seen so many banking scandals (including the newly unveiled Libor affair) and the subsequent complacency of politicians (they only do something when citizens throw enough of a fit), I realize not even capitalists believe in free market capitalism. That would mean too much risk. Instead, to quote a commenter at the New York Times, "It's command-and-control socialism for the wealthy, cut-throat capitalism for everyone else." Amen.

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