Saturday, July 07, 2012

This is screwed up!

So, I am a little obsessed with Rocco Luka Magnotta right now, not only because my media friends in Montreal are in a total tizzy over his story since he's, like, batshit crazy and his alleged lover/victim was a student at my alma mater and it's been picked up by the Chinese community.

Okay, those are pretty good reasons because I love a good scandal (especially one to which I have a tentative link, however remote). 

But I discovered today, right before going to watch a matinee showing of Magic Mike*, that my friend - sitting a short distance from me, sharing spoonfuls of her Jamaican peas and rice, looking at me with her big Persian doe eyes - had gone to high school with this now-infamous killer.

As I described to one of my other friends: "She said they used to smoke up together, he came from a fucked up family with a dirty ass house, then he moved away and went gay for pay."

Somewhere, somehow, something went wrong 'cause you don't start killing kittens and dismembering guys you meet online unless someone convinced you to stop giving a fuck about LIFE.

Also, a month ago, I discovered my cousin's high school boyfriend was murdered and they found his decomposed remains 11 months later on the side of a road north of the city. 

I was like, "Holy shit! How'd that happen?!" 

Details were not forthcoming. Apparently, three of his friends went missing a week after his body was discovered. They weren't suspects, so they didn't have a motive to run, unless ... they knew too much.

Damn! They don't make 17-year-old Chinese kids like they used to.

*Magic Mike left me with an afterglow. I need to find me a male revue to visit.

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