Sunday, May 20, 2012

Stepping stone

Paul and I met with our photography clients today. The woman returned to Toronto from her studies in Australia, while her fiancé drove down from Ottawa to meet us. Although it might've started off as a business chat clarifying contract details, it ended up being a wildly entertaining, extended conversation with new friends. We got along great and she said she'd pass along our business card to her wedding planner.  There might even be an added engagement shoot in our future, if things work out in our favour. (However, they're not scheduled to marry until October.)

We need to push past this summer before we can honestly assess our business potential. The first wedding we've committed to is happening at the end of June, but this couple unexpectedly requested an engagement session scheduled for tomorrow, so there will be something new on the website sooner than we thought.  Hopefully, that will help bring in more Internet traffic.

My Employment Insurance kicked in yesterday, so I'm not nervously counting my pennies anymore as much.  Getting out, meeting new people, even writing on my blog, help alleviate the crushing weight of my depression.  Close friends and strangers tend to describe me using variations of the word "vivacious," but only Paul sees my frailties.   

Last night, we were supposed to meet some friends at a trendy hotel to celebrate the woman's birthday. (They were visiting from Massachusetts.) Paul has been a friend of her boyfriend's since high school. As I was putting on my party dress, I made the mistake of vocalizing my anxieties, which completely took over once we were on the road. By the time Paul started searching for parking, I had to forcibly blink back the onslaught of tears.

So Paul held my hand and kissed me sweetly until I stopped hyperventilating, made an excuse to his friends about not being able to make it, stopped to split a poutine with me, and drove our asses back home. I am grateful to have found a man with a tender heart and infinite patience who loves me as much as I love him. Because while I am the stronger of the two in social situations, he is the anchor that keeps me from floating too far away.


hbrennan said...

I've been following your site for years, now. I'm more than pleased that things are going well for you...

Lily said...

Haha, I don't know if things are working out exactly, but I'm glad this old blog is still keeping you interested after all these years :)