Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Job search

I had a meeting with a recruiter yesterday about a proofreading opening at a newswire service. The pay was shit and she was trying to be slick. "I have a hard time reading you," the lady mentioned at one point. "I can usually see where I stand with people, but you're very focused." Yeah, I'm focused about not getting screwed!

Later that evening, I turned down the gig. Don't you hate it when you're getting fucked and they tell you it's an opportunity? Like, lady, don't tell me I get full benefits; just give me more money so I can eat. "This is a place you start your career," she repeatedly claimed, like it was making her wet every time she lied through her teeth. I asked about high turnover and she reached for her glass, quickly shifting her eyes away from me. Judge Judy says you're talking baloney!

I'm looking for jobs, but I'm also being more selective. I don't mind a little bit of administrative work, but women tend to be grouped together as super organized keeners and I'm not built for that.  (Seriously, when do you ever see men filing papers and baking muffins for the whole staff?)  I don't know how many times I've seen my bosses receive cakes and candies from promotion hungry cronies.  Can't do it, I just can't play that game. Makes me nauseous, likely gives me gas, and reminds me how much I don't belong in the restrictive corporate hierarchy.  (That, or I haven't found a job that allows for much, if any, autonomy.)

I've been editing Paul's entries on his photoblog lately.  I enjoy it because he writes like he's submitting a Ph.D thesis, so I help him dumb it down.  It puts my skills to good use, and I get to do whatever I want without obeying some incompetent overlord. (Except Paul's pretty dreadful at remembering to do stuff too, but at least I can withhold sex. Kidding!)

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