Monday, May 09, 2011

Another week, another man

This young fellow (late-20s, early-30s?) met with my boss about two weeks ago. I didn't pay much attention, but my female colleagues both lustfully inquired about his identity. "I dunno," I shrugged, though slightly curious as to how he secured such a rarefied meeting. He wore sneakers and jeans and had shaggy blonde hair. Looked like a wrinkle-less Timothy Olyphant.

Anyway, he accepted a bottle of water from me and waved goodbye. That was the extent of our interaction. Two days later, he sent me an email that contained suggestions for natural remedies for my cold. I thanked him for his concern and didn't think much of it. But he responded immediately. And again. Now it has spiralled into a regular "thing" and I've agreed to hang out with him this Friday.

My girlfriends at work have read some of our correspondences and they wonder what Paul thinks about the whole thing.

"Oh, he knows," I reassured them, which is true. However, this time, I sense a hint of danger because as much as I mention Paul in our exchanges, the guy doesn't seem bothered by it and continues on his chatty way. Is it because he's an engineer by trade? Are engineers just oblivious to social decorum and boundaries? I mean, he is simply the chattiest nerd I've met in recent memory especially since our initial encounter was so utterly pedestrian.

The office manager says the boy is "smitten". My friends tease me and tell me I'm "unforgettable". Another executive assistant pointed out the irony: Her eggs are drying up while I'm in a relationship AND getting asked out on dates.

I also figured out that his mother is a friend of my boss's wife. (Make sense?)

He's traveling across Europe for a month starting in June so I think there's no harm in meeting up considering we've had our share of online conversations. I've informed Paul of Friday's plans and to my surprise, he sounded a bit reluctant to let me go. I told him I'd see him immediately afterward to attend his film festival showcase. That satisfied him.

I suppose as a reformed-introvert, I know I have to be careful not to take Paul's patience for granted. He doesn't have a jealous bone in his body and it would be cruel to coax it out of him. So as much as I enjoy experiencing new people, Paul knows it is the "first-date jitters" that riles me up and keeps me happy. As much as my friends think it's totally weird that Paul doesn't mind me hanging out with guys, I give him the same freedom with girls because he gets along with them with more grace and ease. This is our understanding and at the end of the day, it is Paul with whom I crawl into bed and dream of eternity.

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