Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New home

Closing day was a success. Paul got the keys from my lawyer and dropped off some things at our new place. The final down payment was $500 under the original value because the Korean owners didn't replace the floor boards near the kitchen (even though the contract stipulated that it was a pre-condition of the sale).

Rather than haggle over the amount a day before our furniture was scheduled to arrive, I accepted the reimbursement to get them off my back. But now I'm a little annoyed that we're responsible for the problem. On top of that, I don't know where the water damage originated from and have to see if the stacked laundry unit is to blame. Argh!

So here I am, in no man's land. Although I've lived with my ex-boyfriend before, it was different. The apartment was a rental, we were from different provinces, and the gesture was mostly economical. As much as this is a big step for the two of us, I'm glad Paul has had no hesitations in making the leap with me. I wouldn't even call him brave; he's just self-assured and trusts women.

We received the furniture today and they look better than I remembered. Gorgeous, actually. Paul's mom and grandparents cleaned our place top to bottom. I was really thankful because I didn't have to do anything by the time I returned from work. His grandpa even took measurements of our closets so he can build us custom organizers. Cannot wait to get settled in!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Doggy Love

Paul's dad called him while we were at a party last night:

"Pavelik, do you know where the dog is?! We came home and he's missing! Oh wait ... he's under the dining table. He's MAD! *click*"

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Is this hell?

Lady on my left spills soda on my dress. Ladies on my right chat through the entire movie. (Is it really necessary to repeat dialogue and explain the jokes and then sing along to Wilson-fucking-Phillips?) I've had it with public movie watching ... and I work in the fucking industry!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


So last Friday, I hung out with that dude who asked me out on a "date". We had frozen kefir and I chatted with a homeless man. I had a feeling he was going to be like other engineers: shy, reserved, passionate about esoteric interests. I was right.

He was a nice enough guy and even got a haircut for the occasion, but I made it abundantly clear "this" would stay platonic. Paul asked me how it went and I told him the truth: I was there to gather information about my boss with whom they are family friends. Also, it was flattering.

I also discovered through him that my boss and I share the same philosophy about money as a measurement of success rather than a resource to hoard. (He asked me if I stole that from my boss; I took it as a compliment.) It makes me feel like, yeah, in 20- to 30-years, I can traipse around the world, expanding my empire too! Or ... it means he has enough money to say it while I believe it as a consolation of my near-poverty.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hope springs eternal

Paul's friend had an interview at our company for a summer internship so I suggested that we all go out for lunch afterward. As we were talking, I brought up my colleague who jokingly asks me whether I've been trying to persuade my boss to take me to Cannes.

Just as I mentioned his name, he turns around and says hi. I was super red-face and spilled that I've been trying to locate valid excuses to accompany him to Cannes, but so far, I've come up short. Zip, zero, zilch.

He said I wasn't useless and might consider it next year. Which was, of course, his way of deflecting the awkwardness.

So back at the office, I had to organize a fancy dinner in Antibes and called the restaurant to make a reservation. As I was chatting away en francais (and flirting with the Maitre d', bien sur!), my boss passed by and did a double take, having never heard me speak French before.

His reaction got me thinking ...

Maybe I can make my case by telling him how many great places he's been missing out on simply because he doesn't speak la belle langue. "You don't have to be hanging by the boardwalk," I'd plead, "when you can take the road less traveled. And a man of your stature ... well, excuse my brazenness, but the bragging rights alone would pay for themselves." Then again, he also has some of the best connections at the festival so he has no trouble gaining entry into glamorous yachts and studio parties ... all the while, I sit and watch my life flicker away across the ocean. But what do those smarmy publicists know about finding greasy chow mein and veggie dogs at 3AM Central European Time?! Um, winning!

Le sigh. All that potential ass-kissing just for some free movie passes and overpriced quiche? I'd still do it.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Another week, another man

This young fellow (late-20s, early-30s?) met with my boss about two weeks ago. I didn't pay much attention, but my female colleagues both lustfully inquired about his identity. "I dunno," I shrugged, though slightly curious as to how he secured such a rarefied meeting. He wore sneakers and jeans and had shaggy blonde hair. Looked like a wrinkle-less Timothy Olyphant.

Anyway, he accepted a bottle of water from me and waved goodbye. That was the extent of our interaction. Two days later, he sent me an email that contained suggestions for natural remedies for my cold. I thanked him for his concern and didn't think much of it. But he responded immediately. And again. Now it has spiralled into a regular "thing" and I've agreed to hang out with him this Friday.

My girlfriends at work have read some of our correspondences and they wonder what Paul thinks about the whole thing.

"Oh, he knows," I reassured them, which is true. However, this time, I sense a hint of danger because as much as I mention Paul in our exchanges, the guy doesn't seem bothered by it and continues on his chatty way. Is it because he's an engineer by trade? Are engineers just oblivious to social decorum and boundaries? I mean, he is simply the chattiest nerd I've met in recent memory especially since our initial encounter was so utterly pedestrian.

The office manager says the boy is "smitten". My friends tease me and tell me I'm "unforgettable". Another executive assistant pointed out the irony: Her eggs are drying up while I'm in a relationship AND getting asked out on dates.

I also figured out that his mother is a friend of my boss's wife. (Make sense?)

He's traveling across Europe for a month starting in June so I think there's no harm in meeting up considering we've had our share of online conversations. I've informed Paul of Friday's plans and to my surprise, he sounded a bit reluctant to let me go. I told him I'd see him immediately afterward to attend his film festival showcase. That satisfied him.

I suppose as a reformed-introvert, I know I have to be careful not to take Paul's patience for granted. He doesn't have a jealous bone in his body and it would be cruel to coax it out of him. So as much as I enjoy experiencing new people, Paul knows it is the "first-date jitters" that riles me up and keeps me happy. As much as my friends think it's totally weird that Paul doesn't mind me hanging out with guys, I give him the same freedom with girls because he gets along with them with more grace and ease. This is our understanding and at the end of the day, it is Paul with whom I crawl into bed and dream of eternity.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

This is why I love my profession

Paul interviewed for a gig in the lighting department of an indie feature today. I tagged along and sat outside of earshot in the Starbucks where he was meeting with the producer and director (who were also twin brothers).

They didn't speak for long. I suggested that we both say goodbye to them.

"Are you an AD [assistant director]?" one of them piped up.

"Yes, you're ..." I tried to remember. "You attended the last AD caucus meeting!"

The next thing you know, I was in an animated conversation with them as Paul stood nearby, looking dumbfounded. The director said he remembered me because I was pretty outspoken during the union meeting (behaviour, unbeknownst to me, that was an anomaly among junior ADs because the atmosphere can be intimidating). He said I also had a "memorable face". Ha! He probably meant "Asian" because there aren't that many of us in the industry.

In any case, I slipped in my credentials and they enthusiastically took my business card. "So if you don't hire my boyfriend," I added half-seriously, "I'll be very angry."

"Don't worry," they said, "he has an in now."

Let's hope.

*sidenote: The three of us had talked so much that the next person scheduled for the interview arrived and had to wait for us to finish. Lo and behold, he had worked with Paul on another shoot! Needless to say, they had some catching up to do as well.

What a small world!