Monday, April 04, 2011


Paul and I went furniture shopping last weekend. He's the president and lone member of the domestic design committee. I merely exist as a peripheral sidekick because, frankly, he has better taste when it comes to all things interior.

I pointed out a small shop on King Street last Friday and we ended up chatting with the employee there for a good chunk of the night. We shared our devotion to Love It or List It and Flipping Out ("Jeff Lewis is ah-mazing") and discovered he was a part-time actor to boot.

At one point, he noted conspiratorially that the owner does free consulting work on the weekends: You supply the floorplans and he'll spin around like a whirling dirvish, smothering you with colour schemes, fabric swatches, and furniture possibilities.

Could it be true? Was this a dream? I was intrigued. Free advice that would normally run $300/hr? I'm in! So come Saturday, Paul and I visited the store again and lo and behold, the designer sat with us for over an hour, teaching us the basics of design. And though he never mentioned his own pieces in conversation, we picked up three things from his collection anyway. The price wasn't bad as far as made in Canada custom furniture goes, but it sure as hell wasn't cheap either.

Anyway, Paul and I chose this beautiful black fabric with a contrasting cherry blossom motif for the two chairs to go with the slate-grey sofa. It's being made to our specifications and we're really excited to see the results in 6-8 weeks.

Today, I was driving Paul to school and he asked me what I thought about "plants". "What?" I replied. "You know," he said. "Plants. Do you want them?"

Like I said, he's the design maven, I'm just along for the ride.

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