Sunday, March 27, 2011

House hunting, home found

Starting May 20, I will be a new homeowner. The negotiating process was a real doozy. My dad brought down the last $3000 by suggesting that all three parties (the sellers and both brokers) surrender a grand each. That worked and we ended up getting it for $12K below the listing price (which was above market value anyway).

The sellers were really stubborn. They even bragged that their south-east view was worth $20K more than anything similar in the building. We called their bluff after only one other (lower) offer came in after the second open house and while they still tried to play hardball, we knew they wouldn't be calling us unless we were the best they could get. So we leveraged that and I got my house.

The mortgage payments will be tolerable on my salary because my parents are gifting me with a down payment worth a third of the total price. For that, I am exceedingly grateful. Paul will be helping me out with the maintenance fees once he starts working, but I can still manage without him.

We're so excited to start our life together. This summer is starting to look up.

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