Monday, March 07, 2011

Keeps getting better

I had a meeting with the co-president of our film division and he was receptive to involving me in long-term projects. After listening to a summary of my experiences, he thought I would be a good fit as a script reader, scouring for creative and commercial potential among the trash. Other duties to follow.

I had been hoping to do something like this since I applied for the job. Who knew all I had to do was ask? Knowing my boss travels a lot on business, I think getting involved in the nitty-gritty will be a challenging, yet, ultimately, worthwhile endeavour. While my loyalties will still lie with him, he's encouraging me to take a gander at other parts of the company; I'm going to see if TV and music might have a need for me in the future. Granted, I know I am in a privileged position to ask for favours, but I still feel quite lucky to be given these chances to prove myself among colleagues of a different circle (i.e. media marketers versus corporate hotshots).

Our company was involved in the distribution of a mega-release that grossed over $700 million worldwide, so I am looking forward to the movies coming my way. (On the other hand, I recently read a pitch for a feature film that contains poisoned chicken mole as a key plot point.)

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