Saturday, March 12, 2011

Almost perfect

Paul and I have been house hunting with the help of my parents. We're preparing to make an offer on a place we saw today. Out of all the properties we've visited, this one satisfies every one of our requirements ... except one: the location. It's about a 15-minute walk from the fashionable district we'd be searching in, but it has stuff we'd never be able to afford otherwise: two full bedrooms and two full bathrooms; open concept kitchen and dining space; unobstructed view of the skyline and leafy surroundings; corner unit, south-facing windows; hardwood floors and granite countertops; stainless steel appliances; balcony; parking spot and locker, etc. The asking price is also on the high end of our budget without surpassing it.

The caveat is, of course, that we'd be living a couple of blocks from a men's hostel. I wouldn't say it's a rough neighbourhood. While the area would hardly give Yorkville a run for its money, the condo we're considering is predictably gentrified. And considering the historic buildings and mom n' pop shops nearby, what it lacks in sterility, it makes up for in crazy people.

I know architecture students will probably bemoan my choice for contributing to the displacement of the less-than-fortunate. (Gentrification is a hip term for serious, widening economic disparities.) But it's hard for me to justify plopping down cash for a place I'd only be comfortable describing for politically correct reasons.

Paul is worried that we might get sucked into a bidding war. Fingers crossed.

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