Monday, January 24, 2011

Operation Emma

Ooh! I emailed him and he expressed interest in meeting her too. Told me my request was totally random, but he's up for it. Nice! I'm the best motherfucking amateur matchmaker in the WORLD! (Don't ruin it for me, I need this, okay?!)


A couple of months ago, I went on a casting run with a guy from an ad agency. (The company subsequently hired my baby cousin on a handful of TV spots, thanks to yours truly.) We had terrific chemistry and he was photogenically handsome. A former radio DJ back in Hong Kong, he'd come to Canada to further his studies.

Last week, I had breakfast with an old friend. She hasn't had a decent date (or relationship) in years even though she's pretty as all get out. So I'm watching her poke at her yogurt-granola-monster parfait and an idea hit me.

"Let me set you up," I said. "I worked with this guy. He lives nearby, really cute, and close to our age."

She was intrigued. "Hook me up, hook me up!" she said, beaming, startlingly even me with her enthusiasm. (I must've underestimated her dryspell; it was the Serengeti.)

Now here I am, at my work station, calling up contacts to find a potential lead beacause he likely doesn't work there anymore. (Did I mention I have a verifiable waiting list of potential matches I hope to get through?)

In other words: I have become the Yenta of the East (or Northern Hempisphere, but that doesn't exactly roll off the tongue). It feels nice to spread the love around.

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