Friday, January 07, 2011

My parents will probably stop hinting at grad school

I was just offered a full-time job as the Executive Assistant to the President and CEO of the largest independent media distribution company in North America. Naturally, I accepted.

I went in for the initial interview Tuesday, was called back to speak with The Boss Thursday, and by Friday, I was given the good news. Work starts Monday.

The online ad had been intentionally vague for, I suppose, discretionary reasons. However, once I arrived for the interview, HR personnel revealed who I would actually be supporting. Crazy!

The Boss asked me about my ambitions and I told him I'd like to eventually be a film producer. He told me this would be a wonderful place to meet potential contacts since the company has offices all over the world with plans to acquire more businesses in Eastern Europe this year.

Paul says we should go to City Hall to get a marriage license so he can take advantage of the provided spousal benefits. He's kidding, I think. ("Or until I need those benefits," he added.)

Must go celebrate ...


hbrennan said...

My sincere congratulations, Lily. Another stunning chapter in your life that I find so fascinating and uplifting. The stops that we make along the way in our life's travels are always unexpected and appropriate - if we allow positive things to happen and refuse to be one of the "downtrodden". It's really all up to us. Whether it's Canada, Okinawa or the Philippines. But, anyway, good for you, young lady!

Lily said...

I appreciate your kind words, Henry. Proof that taking things day by day doesn't have to mean same old, same old =)