Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What's in the store?

I attended the assistant directors' caucus meeting at Guild headquarters last week and had beers with the top ADs working in the city right now. A former mentor of mine said a few of them expressed interest in working with me, nudging me to touch base (which I did). In fact, David Cronenberg's go-to AD since his Videodrome days even offered to edit any screenplays I plan on writing. One of the clearest things I came away with from that get-together was the disparity of their backgrounds. The aforementioned AD had been an electrician of some sort, employed at a factory. Another got his psychology degree and divides his time as a mystic guru (think: leather pants, flowing beard, and tie-dyed tee). My former mentor was manager in the restaurant business for over a decade. And the trainee who worked with me on Being Erica has an interest in oil painting on the side.

While a handful of them expressed frustration with the business, it was clear that they all shared a passion for filmmaking. They even gave advice to the junior members on how to cope during the down season.

So apparently, 2011 is supposed to be a good year for Toronto's film and television industry: Six major features and an increase in hour-long TV series. We were told by the staff that as long as the dollar is on par or lower than its American counterpart and new mayor Rob Ford treats the Guild like a business, we're golden.

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