Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Second Round of Interviews

"So the producer's assistant position was filled," the woman on the line called to say, "but we'd like to have you back to meet the director and the executive producer."

I was expecting this after last week's interview with the ABC producer when his parting words rang loud and clear: "This meeting was definitely fruitful. Now I know who to bring back if I don't end up picking you."

Why, thank you?

No sooner had I hung up, someone else calls to offer me work on a movie set on the same day.

I spoke to a former classmate of mine at the Directors Guild while I was waiting to hear back from the production coordinator about allowing me to leave for the job interview mid-day. (It was approved.) Peter said if I had to choose between the two things, I'd have to decide what I wanted to do in the industry first.

Something "above the line," I replied, knowing that much. Ideally, I'd have a hand in facilitating communication between the studio bosses and the crew. This way, I'd be paid well, still be close to the action, and achieve a semblance of stability in a notoriously fickle field.

Above all, I'd be able to support Paul as he labours away as a budding cinematographer. He knows so much about his craft that I would hate to see him have to compromise his passion to make a life with me.

Okay, enough with the sentimentalism. I'm going to edit Peter's film script (which he plans to shoot some time around Christmas) and print out more business cards. 'Tis the life of a runt!

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