Sunday, October 14, 2007

Cynic's Paradise


The bitch now wants $500,000?! Fucking white trash golddigger with a 10th grade education! Her doctor even says she's faking it! Argh!


My parents are going to court Monday after waiting 5 long years. As defendants. (Link to background) We had originally relented and decided to settle with the plaintiff, but the lady and her lawyer turned down the $60,000 offer. They wanted $230,000. Cash. That wasn't going to happen, so we've been fighting ever since. (We've since hired new lawyers. She has, too. The City of Burlington still wants us to shoulder everything. Piranhas!)

I received a phone call from my mom last night. She told me she wanted me to be prepared to delay plans to work in China next year because the family is going to need me until my sister turns 18 and can legally take over our finances.

I'm devastated, of course. All my plans for the future feel like they've imploded out of left field. Partly because of this lawsuit, but also partly due to my lack of ... imagination. Why didn't I have a back-up plan? Why didn't I think my parents' issues would affect me so fully? I've been asking myself these questions as I wait for the decisive sound of the judge's mallet.

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