Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Notre Premier Anniversaire

Today is my one-year anniversary with MArt. Douze longs moins. The last couple of weeks have been disaster-free and pretty fabulous. He recently found a job at a chi-chi new restaurant down at the Old Port and I've been continuing my French studies and cooking lessons. MArt is generally more confident and happy when he's working and getting paid (well), so I'm glad he's back on his feet.

I, of course, have been spending money like a recently diagnosed rabies patient. If eBay could talk, it would file a rape report against me. I never understood why MArt would be annoyed by my habit. Considering it's my money, who is he to say how I can or cannot spend it? That's how I deemed his irrational irritation ... until he confessed that when I splurge on materialistic items, it makes him feel insecure about our future together. He questions whether I am as serious about this relationship as he is, since his money goes to the both of us.

This was a surprising revelation because I've always thought his primary worry concerned my inevitable transformation into an ambitionless trophy wife with a penchant for gold and gambling. (An idea I doubtlessly find insulting):

"It's not that you're ever trying to keep up with the Joneses," he elaborated. "It's that it seems like you want the Joneses to keep up with you."

I have my rationalizations for purchasing - what I like to call - "investment pieces," but he is right to assert that the money would probably be better spent on our future. Yet, at the same time, I feel too young to have to sacrifice my expensive hobby for someone or something so hopelessly vague.

Perhaps moderation is key. Moderation and closet space.

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