Monday, February 19, 2007

R.I.P. Zoidberg (2005-2006)

Zoidberg died minutes ago as I was checking up on him. MArt and I had him for only three months before he suddenly revealed how ill he was and passed away two days later. Chameleons are notorious for hiding symptoms until they're too late to be treated.

He had previously been owned by Techbiana, who abandoned him for weeks at a time. When she eventually moved away to be with her 40-something divorcee lover in Seattle, MArt became Zoid's de facto owner.

And now our baby's dead.

It seemed as if he had lost his appetite overnight. There were no external signs of deterioration. His joints were healthy, too. But his eyes soon grew dark and sunken in. I thought it was dehydration, so I took a taxi to a nearby pharmacy and bought him Pedialyte. MArt and I hand fed him with a medicine dropper. The next day, MArt fed him two crickets. We even put him in the shower. I thought he was looking better ...

Both MArt and I cried as our baby's breath grew slower -- his body collapsed to one side. This was the only other time I've seen my boyfriend cry. It has been a very emotional day ...

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