Sunday, October 15, 2006

Untitled (Pretentious Art Students)

It appears whatever amount of sympathy I had for the guy who got mugged the other night faded the moment I threw a telephone at him. To be fair, I showed self-restraint: I had first looked at the empty beer bottles, but vouched for the phone knowing the chord would prevent it from causing real damage (though Techbiana was on the line at the time in another room).

You know you're embarrassing yourself when people at a get-together start moving to the other side of the room, interrupting on occasion with awkward jokes, then leaving entirely. I let my extreme distaste for alcohol and casual shindigs (among other things) get in the way of ...

Fuck that. He completely deserved it, that alcoholic. I thought it was common sense than when something bad happens to you, you take precautions. Sure, "muggings" are random and you can't entirely prevent it from happening, but you can do things to lower the risk. And walking down an unlit street at night while completely hammered, to me, appears to be a risk. "So you're saying everyone who walks home drunk gets mugged?" No! "Why would you let it change you? You shouldn't have to live in fear." I didn't say that, but I think it's alright to be aware of your surroundings from now on. "So, you're saying we should all be paranoid." No! Goddamnit! I was being ganged up by six people and I felt incredibly defensive.

I apologized to the muggee for my behaviour: "I'm sorry, don't take it personally ..." Which provoked him to say, in turn: "I know, I know. You're so loud. [...] It's just that I argue sensibly."

Rawr! Hulk! Crush! Now!! Patronizing asshole.

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