Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dawson Tragedy

I never cared much for Dawson kids. These students tend to congregate by the alley under MArt's window, smoking doobies and chatting on their cell phones in that obnoxious language of teenagers. So needless to say, my first reaction to hearing a hoard of them screaming was of blind irritation.

"What the hell are they celebrating now?" I asked no one in particular while typing out a class assignment. "Shut up already!" I whined.

MArt calmly walked through the bedroom door and turned on the light.

"Someone's been shot. There's been a shooting."

Shocked, I told him to grab his camera and get out there. He did.

The traffic congestion soon swallowed me up. Both major streets intersecting MArt's place had been blockaded with sirens screaming for bystanders to move. At times, I heard the killer was still on the loose. At others, there were four of them, two now killed. Information was diluted, and weak on fact. I let the shuffling waves of kids carry me back to my campus, rain-soaked and frightened, someone was guaranteed to be dead.

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This was taken by Phil Carpenter, my photojournalism professor, who arrived at the scene of the action sooner than MArt did, even though my boy-boy and I live no more than a stone's throw away! Young'un still has a lot to learn.


Swiss Alps called out to me on the mezzanine. He asked me how I was. I told him ... Well, what is there to tell? I gave him a stock answer. He smiled.

"[KournaWhora] and I are getting married! We got engaged in Cuba!"

She's 20. He's barely into his twenties. Mazel tov! Hope they continue to alienate more friends.

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