Thursday, May 04, 2006


This has got to be the strangest thing that's happened to me this month. A random woman stumbled onto my MySpace profile (which I use to store secondary writings too long for PPP) and offered me a chance to work in the adult entertainment business.

No joke.

This is the second time someone has asked. I was approached the summer before freshman year by this dude who was the "modeling broker" on the set of a music video for a Canadian punk band. He was shopping for stripper shoes with his go-go bitches and passed me his card as I was working. "I have an office in Toronto if you're interested."

Maybe this is more common than I thought: the secret no one tells you about womanhood.

The lady euphemistically described the job as an opportunity to make a lot of money "hanging out with celebrities" and I'll get to travel around the world, she promised. It sounded like the description for a fashion stylist, and then I realized ... it wasn't.

In reaction, Steve said, "Let me tell you. If you had taken the job, your blog would be MUCH more interesting." I asked him if that was a challenge.

"Yes Lily," he replied. "Throw everything away and travel around the world doing porn and solving crimes. You can sell your story to Rubert Murdoch for millions."

Like something out of Nancy Drew and the Hard-On Boys, where the family jewels were discovered through a strip search with a hooked didgeridoo.

Sounds promising.

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