Saturday, April 08, 2006

Hands in the air like I just can't be bothered

The opening paragraph says it all:

Dear Lily,

On behalf of the Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards Committee, and the In-Course Bursary Selection Committee, it is my distinct pleasure to inform you that you have been selected to receive the Nick Auf der Maur Award, valued at $1080.00.

I had applied for it on a lark. When I tore open the letter 15 minutes ago, I thought it was going to be a courtesy rejection from the loans department. I am so damn excited! This one was open to students majoring in either Journalism or Communication Studies. For months following the deadline, I'd walk pass the eponymously named street near mine and be afraid to look at the sign, positive that my submission would be overlooked (since it was a vitriolic rant thinly disguised as a "personal statement").

This is fantastic, absolutely fantastic! I am so grateful to have been selected. I still can't believe my last-minute (and hastily rushed) attempt to pacify my parents actually worked. I thought winning the Lindsay Crysler Award (another one for journalism) would be the only thing I left university with, besides my diploma. Ooh! But this kicks the chicken! I don't even feel the urge to shop with it. What is wrong with me?!

Given, this probably doesn't mean anything to anyone else out there. I mean, it's no Peabody, Nobel, or Pulitzer. Nevertheless, it's always nice to be recognized by anyone for anything.

I've received two out of the possible three in the program. I'm now galvanized to go three for three. What's there to lose? ... except the foot in my mouth.

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