Tuesday, January 24, 2006


The Conservatives have won the federal election. I can't say I'm surprised. Voters were deeply divided since none of the parties had much of a clear vision and hardly rallied supporters with their wishy-washy platforms. Though I must say, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little satisfied with the results. A minority government doesn't have the power to transform Canada into some sort of backwards, authoritarian state with a penchant for civilian wiretaps (*cough*). And they've fought harder to gain power, I think they deserve a bit more confidence from naysayers. Lazy Liberals: they got what was coming to them.

I'm just glad I live in a country where, left or right, people are still relatively centralist. (Unlike our southern neighbours who have been leaning more and more to the right since Reagan -- even the Democrats have become an unrecognizable shadow of their former selves.) My mom must've been jumpin' for rice cakes after the results were announced because she really likes the blue team. Although she isn't a keen follower of politics and probably couldn't point to Stephen Harper if he resembled a dim sum platter, she's also not a fan of excessive funding in social welfare programs. It comes from years of observing welfare recipients blowing their cheques at our store as their filthy kids mope around like in a Christian Children's Fund commercial where you half expect a fly to tap dance on their eyeball or something. Obviously, that's a very bias viewpoint, but experience has taught her young people have increasingly grown allergic to old fashioned manuel labour. (Guilty as charged.) My mom arrived in Canada at the heel of the Tiananmen massacre. She held down three jobs as she filed a year's worth of paperwork so my dad and I could join her. She washed dishes until her hands blistered. She cleaned, fed, and dressed senior citizens at a nursing home. She then worked the night shift at a hospital that required her to take the subway at some God forsaken hour. And she still managed to take me to school and put me to bed, on time, every time. So when she says she objects to seeing her tax money being doled out to the Mr. and Mrs. K-Fed Spenderlines of Blinged-Out Ave., one doesn't need any further explanation for her frustration. (She also thinks basic health care should cost a toonie for every visit: it might deter hypochondriacs from holding up the line.)

Needless to say, her views differ from mine over several issues. However, I do agree with her on one fundamental truth about government and, perhaps, life in general:

Nothing ever comes for free; your ease is always some else's burden.


SCHOOL SUCKS SO MUCH! It's cutting into my eBay addiction!

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