Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Je le hais beaucoup: le jour suivant

... and then had the audacity to wake me up with a phone call this morning to "hang out after class." I don't hear a peep from him for three months and then Lisa Marie Pressley! now wants to see me again? It must be because he's tired of his Hemp Barbie girlfriend. The way he gets tired of everything else in his meaningless life.

Got himself a cell phone, too, apparently.

"Is it made of bamboo?" I asked, condescendingly. "Or another brand of hippie wood?"

I coolly ended the conversation about having things to do and people to see. And if he really wanted to meet up afterwards, he could contact me using his fancy soup can on a string. (He did.)

Damnit! I shouldn't even have given him that option! So, so weak ... Although, I don't know anyone who could still retain their strength in the absence of a pumping organ. But believe you me I will show up looking chic, chic, chic since I couldn't cut off his bitte, bitte, bitte.

Speaking of fashion, I was mistaken for a designer at a high-end boutique last night. "A journalist?" the man repeated, surprised. "But you don't look like a journalist."

"What is a journalist supposed to look like?"

"Not like this!" he said. "You are too, too stylish!"

Hehehehe, how I enjoy being stereotyped as someone more glamourous. Had he known I just like wrapping things around my boobs, he would've thought differently.

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