Monday, January 09, 2006


At CatCouver's going-away shindig last night, I was backed into the proverbial corner by 1) Techbiana, who confessed -- with no help from the magic juice -- she had tried to get me into bed on numerous occasions over the past year, and 2) CatCouver's friend, Marxist Biologique, a 24-year-old who reminded me too much of his namesake to give him a chance. They kept interrupting the flow of conversation with little asides about wanting to screw me during our discussion about South American foreign policy.

I finally stopped ignoring it:

"This is exactly why I'm part of the Ya-Ya Spinsterhood: I'm so social, I'm so personable, but everyone just wants to have sex with meeeeee!"

I know, I know, it's practically the complaint of the century, a mutation made of equal parts self-deprecation and self-indulgence. Techbiana nearly turned blue from laughing so hard.


I've never been a letter writer, but the latest onslaught of Ayelet Waldman hate mail on motivated me to say something, anything. The same readers come on and wax idiotic and it gets infuriating how childish adults can get. [Update: Hey sweet, it's become an Editor's Choice]:


I, like a previous reader, also cringe when I read all the angry letters sent in the wake of a Waldman piece. Psychoanalyzing the author, exaggerating her qualities only to tear her to shreads [sic], bringing up her bipolar disorder, it is a one-upmanship of condemnation for the sake of impressing like-minded peers. I may not agree with Waldman's views, but I don't shy away from her byline. Writers are taught to write what they know, and what we typically know is ourselves. That may be interpreted as narcissism, but it's a matter of degrees and perspective (and I have known diagnosed narcissists, those vortexes of self-hate). The driving theme of this article is Oedipus, so it is not without reason her literary embellishments are of the incestuous kind. Further more, the interactions described between herself and her son obviously cross the line of good taste for some, but it is far from pornographic as suggested. I am not yet 20, still admittedly naive, and sensing all the eye-rolling, finger-pointing, and instant judgmentalism ... well, let's say it's more than a bit disconcerting.

-- Lily

Monday, January 09, 2006 11:22:01 AM

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