Sunday, December 11, 2005

Random Tangent #99

There's a certain comraderie people develop with each other when they see someone slip on the sidewalk. You look at the fallen victim and reassure them with a smile. "It's insane, this snow," your eyes seem to say. They nod timidly as they reach for the nearest parking meter.

Sometimes the comraderie is developed at the mere sight of flailing arms. Strangers walk up from behind, passing you by with a gaze that doubles for sincerity. "Watch out now," you sense their comfort.

Okay, so that person was me. Twice. I landed on my bottom twice. It wasn't a busy street, but it didn't make getting up any easier. Although, making eye contact with sharply dressed women who were also wobbling down the sidewalk made it less embarrassing. We gave each other knowing glances, a warning of the impending trek to come. A secret language had been created; a coded message, conveyed: "That's the price we pay to look good."

Indeed, lady with the shearling aviator boots. Indeed.


Target: Achieved. Jacket: Acquired. Credit card company: Mucho contente.

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