Saturday, December 10, 2005

Random Tangent #98

Materialistic longing, rising! rising! Consumer rationale, fading! fading! Cropped orange round-neck collarless tweed jacket with puffed shoulders and off-center fasteners.

Says it loves me too (using somewhat less adjectives). Must buy now.


I have to admit I approached The Von Bondies's sophomore effort, "Pawn Shoppe Heart", with some apprehension. In all fairness, lead singer Jason Stollsteimer and his entourage did try to shamelessly capitalize on his bloody scrape with the pale Hercules that is Jack White. Anyone who backstabs co-patriots who single-handedly launched their careers should be blacklisted in everyone's guide to hypster etiquette (and other ironic hypocrisies). But even ungrateful ingrates deserve a listening to and it's exactly what you'd expect from Detroit Rawk City -- a perfect blend of distortion and 3-chords with a driving rhythm section. The appropriate antidote to a party hearty neighbour's Limp Bizkit marathon.

Taste isn't relative -- some people just have it bad.

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