Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Dad's Random Tangents, premier issue

My darling dad called me to ask me how I was, how my French was going, when I was coming home. We discussed the possibility of him investing in my (improbable) magazine. He seemed supportive of the idea. Maybe he was humouring me. My dad has always assured financial backing for any crazy scheme I dream up, as long as they're reasonably feasible and legal. I like that, simply knowing my parents are as gung-ho as me.

He suggested I look up to that lady who also has her own magazine, the one who went to prison:


"You know, that woman on TV. Play with flowers and cake."

"You mean, Martha Stewart?"

"I don't know. She go to jail?"

This is quite off-script. He usually typecasts white people into two categories: Celine Dion and Jean Chretien (affectionately called "droopy mouth"), depending on gender. But this mention of Martha Stewart comes as a shock.

I do believe my dad is diversifying.


I wonder how my family's going to be politically divided this time during the January elections. People say you can't live with a spouse who leans differently than you, but last time around, I supported Liberal; my dad, Green; my mom, Conservative. This is how they explained their positions to me:

Dad: "I tell you, Leelee. Everything so dirty, you know? So bad, I die."

Mom: "Why I pay [taxes] so single mommy dri'e bettah cah than me, pah-ty all night, no show up fo' wok?"

Why indeed. I might go NDP this time to maintain the current minority government. It keeps politicians from getting too cocky, and Stephen Lewis said they're more likely to pay attention to public discord and do something about it as long as we let them preserve the status quo. It keeps them humble (*rolls eyes*).

Bah! Paul Martin and his stupid trade ideas. He has mashed potatoes for brains! Surplus smurfplus, what use is money when it's not being properly invested? Did every businessman look up to Gorden Gecco after graduating from college? Money is just pointless numbers on a scorecard unless you do something tangible with it besides counting it. Otherwise, it's toilet paper with security features. Math Judas argued that we should use it to relieve our debt-by-Trudeau. But if we were making timely payments before this nice surprise, I'm sure we can manage to divert a little attention to social-orientated progress. Our health care system has become increasingly archaic in a post-baby boomer era. I read in the paper today that Britain spends approximately 3 percent less than we do (around 10%) on health care, but that doesn't mean we can't still make very necessary changes. Look into Singapore's health care policies, Sweden's, etc. To paraphrase the article, restructuring is not synonymous with "Americanization." We should think of it as an issue of practicality, and not one of cultural assimilation.

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