Friday, November 18, 2005


I live on the 6th floor. My next-door neighbour ran down from a shindig held on the 19th to see me in the dress with his own eyes. Yes, it is that captivatingly hot, practically sacriligious. Please don't make me bring it back! Breathing is overrated!


I know I shouldn't have. I barely had enough money, but it was just too gorgeous to pass up. I promise to return it, I will. Just not yet.

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I look better than great in it. I'm, dare I say, alarmingly fetching. Tastier than a sausage casing and hotter than microwaved butter. It's that one closet staple that exists in every woman's wardrobe that validates her sexiness even after six neverending pasta plates from the Olive Garden and 2-litres of Red Bull. The 20 day refund policy stands. In the meantime, I'm going to have some fun with it, tucked-in tag and all.

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