Monday, October 31, 2005

Sho 'Nuff

Both, I say. I have to unfuck both my computers. B-O-T-H. Is it too much to expect machines to work properly nowadays? Is there a bylaw that states, "Thou shalt not possess fine tuned equipment within a 100 km radius" or did I miss the seminar on preserving consumer goods in the box they came in like a limited edition Hans Solo ceramic figurine?


NorIda procrastinated buying the Go! Team tickets so we're going to approach scalpers. Weeee!


I officially cannot stand in a forest and adjust my iPod settings without getting hit on by middle-aged men on bicycles with Asian things:

"Excuse me, are you Japanese or Chinese?"


"Are you lost?"

No. I'm from here.

"You need help?"

No. I'm not lost, I was just ...

"Oh, you have a map."

No! I'm from Montreal. I was just changing a song!

"Well, you look great!"

God-fucking-damnit!: "Uh, thank you ..."

And yes, Mr. Hobo-Bling-Biker, I can see that area of the field is wet, but thanks for your concern for my shoes.

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