Monday, October 17, 2005


Guess who's going to Mexico next summer?!

Ja Jumbo!


Watched Margaret Cho's "Assassin" last night. The stand-up was funny ... but definitely disappointing. The stuff she talked about really wasn't provocative at all. Terry Schiavo? Pope vs. Drag Queens ("... gold dress")? I liked her when she concentrated on minutia because when she delves into politics, it comes off ... simple. Not radical, just not thought-provoking -- more after-lefty-school special. And the gay jokes: they'd surprise soccer-mom-turned-nuns who've been living in a sealed minivan for the latter part of the 80s. Her popularity has given her carte blanche in the comedy world, immune to general criticism, but instead of using her platform to fight the status quo, she kind of helps create a different kind by buying into her own rebel myth (when, truth be told, she no longer is one). Cho's become just another popular mouthpiece.

Still love the Asian impersonations -- I see every member of my extended family in her one chinky eye.

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