Friday, October 07, 2005

Ping Pong Rebuke


I replied with:

[M. Biologique,]

Sorry about yesterday, I was picking a fight, any fight, just so I can be angry with you. Why did I do it? Because I've had it with this back and forth bullshit. Yeah, I get jealous -- not of "girls," but of any one of your acquaintances whom you treat with more courtesy. You never ignore them, control them, then give them the cold shoulder.

I'm tired of not knowing what I might say or do that will inevitably elicit your irritation and anger (can it get any worse than being called "mom?"). Or keeping my mouth shut to avoid offending you (I must've missed the memo listing your trigger words). It's humiliating knowing your only motivations behind meeting me are "boredom" and "no one else is free." Listen, I'm convenient because we're friends; I'd be more of a challenge if you were fucking me.

Look, I'd never tell you to "fuck off," but as it stands, you're being a fucking woman. (Am I getting warmer? Is that a trigger word?) No more power games: Be a proper friend or I'm gone. Of course you have the right to manipulate anyone you want, just don't think I'm going to play dumb and roll over anymore.

Sincerely (your honey bunny),



I don't expect him to change. But I've pinned him in a corner: he can't possibly turn the tables again and blame me for not trying if he (undoubtedly) fails to convert himself. I can leave entirely unscathed this way. Snip, snip.

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