Thursday, October 06, 2005

Pencils and Crayons

I was on the shuttle bus with HaiPhia today and we discussed the paradox that is NerdQuirk for a good 15 minutes:

"You know," I began, "I always thought he was losing his hair because he wears hats, but after I found out he was thirty, it made sense that he wore hats to hide his receding hairline."

"Not that thirty is old," continued HaiPhia, "but look at him, he ain't right."

I nodded in agreement. "It was okay for him to say he wanted to monogram his name on my panties when I thought he was a cracker frat boy with an Asian thing, but once I found out he was over the molehill and would need a wheelchair to bring him back, it wasn't funny anymore."

"He's not that old," HaiPhia reminded me. "He'd only need a walker."

I asked HaiPhia whether she was enjoying her semester this year.

"Honestly," she said. "You're the best part of my semester."

She and I had a long, comforting talk that evening, following my petty crisis, which ended in some refreshingly simple advice:

"Lily, je te voudrais prendre un livre, le lire puis aller se coucher. Demain est une nouvelle journee."

I don't deserve friends like this, friends who put up with my self-centered neurosis through the sunny and grim. Have I already forgotten how it felt to have been a chick placed second to dick? It's time to focus on damage-control; I need to make it up to them.

Vegan food, anyone?

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