Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Press End

Who knew avoiding a date with someone could be so easy? I'll give you a hint: it involves zero contact and accomplishable by simply turning off your phone. (Wait, that was the answer.)

Oh boo hoo, I know I'm a coward. Hermit, spinster, leper, whore. Call me what you will. I simply don't do dates. Jamais, jamais, jamais. They feel entirely too scripted. Toujours, toujours, toujours.

"Why can't you just be a bitch and let men spend some money on you?" M. Biologique shouted with a mouth full of cake.

"I refuse to lead them on and then feel the pressure to 'return the favour' while being obligated to maintain composure and tact. My idea of a good time doesn't involve crossing off a mental checklist of someone's by-the-book come-ons."

I'm sorry, but taking advantage of practical strangers does not come naturally for me. I believe that's what family is for.

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