Monday, September 19, 2005


I forgot to mention the most important part of the date: the movie. Gegen die Wand (English title: Head On, 2004). I thought Fatih Akin handled the ultra-masculine Turkish culture pretty well. Although the third act could've been more memorable if, say, a seasoned director helmed the flick. Someone like Ingmar Bergman. I think he would've infused it with the kind of emotion that would've packed a wallop (as opposed to the seen-it-before, bittersweet ending selected by Akin with the intent to artfully linger).

So the film was good, not great, yet enough to earn a recommendation. The social/cultural/linguistic limbo the main characters reside in should be significant and recognizable to anyone forced to pick-and-choose their life from two pantries. And in addition to that, the music. It reminded me of the driven instruments in Emir Kusturica's Underground (1995): musical notes meandering through swirling octaves like schizophrenic tumbleweeds.

"Stop me if I talk too much about movies," I warned Elmeraler.

He smiled warmly and put his hand on my shoulder: "How can I be Lily's friend if I don't get into the things she loves?"

Uh, by telling me to shove it and go watch monster trucks sponsored by the Little People of America? I dunno. Anything but smiling warmly and putting your hand on my shoulder then coming up with that gem of a li(n)e.

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