Saturday, September 03, 2005

Fit for Disposal

I've been following the Katrina story for days. It seems this regional catastrophe is revealing America's deep-seeded issues with race, crime and poverty -- problematic issues ever sideswept in favour of grandiose colonialist dreams (clearly exemplified by the current administration's ignorant governing philosophy). How is it that the wealthiest country in the world isn't "capable" of relieving the burdens of their poor (if not immediately, than effectively)? Why does a country with one of the largest deficits in its nation's history believe it can juggle a struggling military campaign overseas and a homeland disaster concerning people it has, for years, chosen to ignore? BBC World News reports that police task forces are assigned to shoot looters on sight. Looters?! Everything is gone and they expect the rest of the planet to be convinced that restoring social stability starts with protecting consumer goods?! Bollocks!

I know I'm late joining the Internet bandwagon, but please watch CNN's Anderson Cooper's heated exchange with Senator Mary Landrieu. What a smug, brown nosing bitch.

A CNN transcript can be found here.


Less than five hours until the girls arrive and I'm still furiously cleaning. 43 pairs of shoes. I have 43 pairs of shoes. What the hell is a 19-year-old doing with 43 pairs of shoes? Don't look at me, I'm just an impulsive 19-year-old with 43 freakin' pairs of cement clompers living in a one-room apartment. Looking at the number, even I find it absurdly excessive. Yet, I've never considered limiting my spending to somehow contain this collection during any of my shopping excursions. Oh sure, I've thrown away lots, donating to charities, some to secondhand stores, but no sooner do I gain shelf space, I lose another closet. And here's the kicker: most aren't even from my parents' store! Boy am I a force to contend with: a subversive rebel with an appetite for shoes comparable only to TV characters, both ridiculously cartoonish and caricatured.


Steve was in NYC the past week. He said he was going to keep his eyes open for an iPod case for me -- Apple accessories are to Greenwich Village as over-tanned men are to door knocker breasts:

"Floral? In or out?"

"Oriental floral, in. Psychedelic floral, in. Grandma at her couch, reading Proust and drinking Earl Grey, out."


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