Thursday, September 22, 2005

Chah-lee Bl-oawn!

I'm watching The Charlie Rose Show as I type this. P. Chidambaram is sitting across from the host, providing one hell of an honest -- if a little self-propagating -- interview. "An open society comes after an open economy," he said to Rose a moment ago and I nodded along, acknowledging what history has taught us. When boundaries are stretched, information no longer appears to have obstacles. Geographic lines blur along telephone lines in a miasme of mercurial transformations.

Chidambaram also mentioned the need for India's economy to help shrink the gap that divides the rich and poor. But wealth is not the only deciding factor when categorizing class. Education and ease of access to resources should also be considered. The state must sustain a strong middle-class at all costs for without it, there is no core to orbit and no ... Ooh, an almond chocolate bar! I forgot I had this.

Feels good after finding out my parents are filing for bankruptcy and signing everything to me in an effort to keep everything we've earned from that supermarket cashier's greedy hands. (The prosecution had no false pretenses. "She's after your money," our lawyer deadpanned. "All of it.") We just don't have a quarter of a million dollars in "emotional damages" the judge expects us to award her. We can't appeal because lawyers' fees alone tally up to a new (albeit, American) car. Hell, we barely have a grand to give away to one-legged, AIDS-inflicted Indonesian orphans. I have no choice but to approach this situation positively because it's the only thing in my control and I refuse to inflict more unnecessary stress on my parents, motivating malaria from mojitos.

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