Monday, August 29, 2005

Snail's pace

Right. It's set. I will be moving into my new, dingy, fabulously shitty apartment come the 31st after the current beach bum tenant vacates the hell out of there. The rent's about a hundred dollars more than my current shindig and I lose a room out of the deal. Location, location, location people! At least it's convenient -- movies, munchies, and maintenance.


Parents in town to help me disassemble (-member) my furniture. You know that thing some people do where asking questions becomes not an act to retrieve information, but to re-affirm that, yes, they've still got it, a voicebox? Yeah ... that times two:

"I say, how much?"


"We go now, what floor?"


"This 6?"

"No. Lobby."

"Now we go where?"

"6th floor."

"For how much?"

... and the beat went on for 30-minutes. It was like a contemporary update of "Who's on first?" in immigrantnese caught on a long-suffering security camera. Gotta love my garden variety folks.


Swiss Alps just got back from Switzerland yesterday and called to meet up for dinner later tonight. But first, a movie (or two). "Saraband" by the great Ingmar Bergman and/or "The Edukators" by Hans Weingartner. Maybe the former, but probably the latter just 'cause it has a love-triangle (as opposed to a morose-square) and, so says the New York Times, some anti-sweatshop protest action. And you know how much I love those. (That's a joke. Stupid hippies. Why can't they sit around and do nothing like the rest of us?)

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