Friday, July 22, 2005

Memoirs of an Opium Queen: Chapters Three and Four

Alright, here's the deal, it's Friday, and I don't feel like doing much work. So, after this little preface, what follows are two days in the life of Lily from Lily's own fingers. Enjoy.


One room, twenty-seven repressed middle-aged Chinese women, two bottles of booze: One rowdy night. I mean, you know my mom put together a successful college reunion when by the end, ladies were slamming into walls, taking photos and laughing hysterically because someone's meat-filled patty came without the meat. Who laughs over meatless patties?!



My mom invited a bunch of her friends to come plum and lichi picking. There was something oddly poetic in the way the leaves scurried past us on the Guangzhou freeway on the way there. Running beside over-inflated tires that skipped thunderously over pot holes, they came from the nearby orchards nestled amongst roadside palm trees and dilapidated slummaries, bricked-in houses with broken doors. The rolling hills in the distance criss-crossed each other in a battle for sunlight as the smell of busted tail pipes and gasoline simmered in the heat.

[End of Chapters Three and Four]

I'll do less copying and pasting next time... maybe... sorry Lily.

-Steve, guest blogger

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