Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Memoirs of an Opium Queen: Chapter Two

Puppy Love

It was a cool evening in the Southern city of Guangzhou. My personal liaison to the town was shy, but ever so obedient. Such a pure soul, haunted by the loud-mouthed broad that stood before him, but still able to defend this foreigner from the endless barrage of street urchins, each one more daring than the next.

"Please buy my flowers," she whined to me after being callously brushed off by my tour guide. Checking my pockets feverishly, it was obvious that I lacked any such funds to enjoy the fruits of the Chinese market. My guide shot me a look of terrible embarrassment; the source of this became clear within seconds.

I turned quickly to walk away, but something was holding me back. My right leg was mounted. Two legs wrapped around my one, and she had a firm seat upon my foot. She was going to hold on to her latest sucker.

Finally, my companion came to my rescue and, like salt to a leech, the clerk was removed with none but a dollar.

"Wow," I said, chuckling from the absurdity of it all. "I have 'foreigner' written all over me."

He shrugged. "Natives would've literally kicked her off and shoved her into the sidewalk."

[End of Chapter Two]

Mystery, intrigue, and romance -- all these things await you in Chapter Three. Be sure not to miss it.

- Steve, guest blogger

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