Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Bottled Water

Luddites unite! After three false alarms, salty tears, and a two-hundred dollar upgrade, my crazy computer finally gave up and sent itself boomeranging through hell. Steve came over to my place after work and we walked to his house to check out what was the matter. Apparently -- by that, I mean, any nincompoop can see -- my hard drive is recognized, but none of the contents exist anymore. None. All 966 songs? Gone! Poof! Whoosh like Christian Slater's no-list career. I didn't even get to listen to the 12 new albums I had saved earlier on in the week. Seeing how I upset I was (as upset I get when I'm laughing hysterically), he offered to transfer his entire collection of music to my fucker box. And indeed he did, all 2666 selections (along with countless software programs). Amen for him. Everybody needs a friend like Steve. Take it from Shotgun Toter who wrote about doing him, which I read aloud as he sat behind me. "Wait, what did you just say?" Oops.

Please visit his magnificent site.


Leaving for Hong Kong in 12 hours. Can't wait to be asked, "Chicken or beef?" I'll try to update my blog as often as possible while picking up collectible Thai transvestites:

"Mommy! I want that one! With the retractable bulge!"

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