Saturday, June 18, 2005


Tal Fisher gave me a Patty Smith-ish, Karen O. cut when I went to his salon yesterday. He won the Wella Trend Vision Award in Paris for one of his creations recently and was quick to point out he's been profiled by every major local and national magazine in Canada. The price wasn't too shabby either (35$/tax for a cut and blow, but I got stuck with the "owner" so guess what that meant?). Although I, regretably, over-tipped. Double tipped. Which meant I had no money left to buy lunch.

Ooh! And talk about finger lickin' good. Fisher's shampoo boy was flirting with me while I was in Merlin's chair. Now he! he was a toothy tart and my type of fashion whore.

I hope to God he's not also gay.


Heading to the cineplex to watch "Mysterious Skin" starring Third Rock From the Sun alumnus Joseph Gorden-Levitt. Puberty really came late for this guy, eh?

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