Friday, June 10, 2005

Good News For People Who Love Semi-relevant Bad News

Bad news: My computer shat all over itself and rendered it more useless than a power cord on a two-week old corpse. I knew it would happen when random keys started acting up and -- oh, I don't know -- the hard drive was no longer recognized by the system (what system?). The situation provoked a simmering rage in me that failed to reach the surface and deform my face, but nevertheless, prodded me to do the unthinkable:

Switch to Macs.

Good news: My parents are supportive of the idea that really comes down to exchanging one hipster lifestyle for another. (It's not like they know which one I adopted to begin with; I'm pretentious like that.)

Bad news: I still have recurring dreams about M. Biologique.

Good news: They all involve killing him in the heat of passion. I'm ready to let go. Really. This time, it's happening. I mean it. Ship to Denial, l'Afrique ends ... today. (Or yesterday because I'm serious like that.)

Bastard fucker.

Bad news: I'm spending the rest of my summer meeting relatives back in the old country, which means stop-overs in Beijing, Canton and Hong Kong.

Good news: I'm also traveling to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Bad news: I have yet to find someone willing to take on the rest of my lease.

Good news: None. (Bastard fuckers.)

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