Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Tangent #231

What the fuck is this? When did journalism become a mad grab for dirt? (Don't you cynic me.) There are anonymous sources and there are sources you can't trust.

This recent Newsweek fiasco brought something to my attention. The amount of resources American news organizations have at their disposal allows staff access to intimate arenas open to few. The subsequent exposure of published pieces are also unparalleled. Few bloggers are capable of riding sand dunes in convincing civilian garb while making the necessary accomodations to avoid getting a bullet in the face. The New York Times -- that ivory tower of towers -- has the money to plunge their war correspondents into dangerous terrain, clothed and fed in the midst of war, with nary a dent to their chiselled corporate chins and wallets.

Now compare that to a publication in ... Georgia. An ex-satellite state, it can barely get its own elections in order. So when America talks (with or without a liberal slant, slit or groove), people listen. People everywhere listen. And they believe. Is it a crime to lead a nation under a neocon agenda for purposes of preservation in the Middle East? to bullshit until democracy becomes a term synonymous with apathy? to encourage the chilling "glaze-over" that now extends to the populus, eyes glassy like freshly iced donuts? So when does it become a crime to leave the government unchecked? unprovoked? unnerved? To live by the philosophy of the "Five O'Clock Follies"? To catch the canary with the cat in order to feign sympathy for the guilty party? When the world reacts violently, self-righteously, inhumanely if it weren't so human, whose job is it to prevent misunderstanding and maintain stringent rules for accuracy and whose job is it to soothe the insecure egos of head honchos with too much stock and not enough bonds?

I am sick of being satisfied with shit.

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