Friday, May 27, 2005

Roughing It

Set in Africa, Beau Travail is the perfect film to reference to at times when you need a pop culture marker to fake brains and deflect suspicions of shallowness because:

a) It conveys repressed sexuality in a strictly homosocial context limited to the hierarchical dynamic that exists amongst the portrayed men. In other words, it's about the French Foreign Legion.

b) Hot damn, those boys are fine. Claire Denis sure capitalized on her obvious talent for scouting out drool-worthy specimens of masculinity. And that Gregoire Colin ... Woowee, he's some exotic-looking meat. (But of course, by that, I mean, respectable, human being who just so happens to have a superbly lithe frame capable of making me come on command.)


c) See B. Multiply by other, equally-satisfying, manrieties. Minus Colin's slight physical resemblance to Keanu Reeves. Add presence of hideous, "The Lovers on the Bridge" actor, Denis Lavant. And you'll never be accused of going only ga-ga for beefcake again (that is, until some kind of multicultural mutant made from the melted remains of Tony Leung's Mr. Chow, Larenz Tate's Lovehall, and Guillaume Canet's Jeanvier reveals himself and decides to stop by your house to check up on you ... r plumbing).

Gregoire Colin: "Like a living Modigliani"

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