Sunday, May 22, 2005

European Roadtrip

Maussie is currently galavanting in Europe now that he's an official university graduate. I've decided to excerpt a part of the email he sent out (spell-checked for coherency only):

I spent 5 days in Paris and was totally blown away. The food, the history, the wine.... 2 euros a bottle! I partied with Craig and Dom before heading to a hippie commune for a week. Really funny stuff! The deal was meant to be that we got food and accommodations for 5 hours a day working to restore these old French villas. Turned out they expected us to work for about 10 hours a day in exchange for bread and beans and a bed in a room with no power and made accessible only by a dodgy ladder! After two days me and Craig decided that we were going on strike which was really funny because I had to explain it to them in French. Translated into English it would have sounded something like: we are hungry, we need food to work.... too many beans! Anyway after that me and Craig started to conspire to eat their chickens but we ended up just sneaking into the chicken coop each morning to steal the eggs.

The rest is written in the same vein, changing in scenery from France to Spain and involving the po-pos. I'm reminded of the "On The Road" movies starring Bob Hope and Bing Crosby except this made me howwwwwwl because it's just like him to get caught up in stuff like this!

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