Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Benedict XVI. Ultraconservative. Anti-relativist. Former Nazi youth (albeit, involuntary).

A product of a bygone era.

In a world increasingly open to contrasting views, it is perhaps a relief to see that dissent is not limited to non-Catholics. I truly hope the growing channels of discourse will encourage "cafeteria" behaviour (picking and choosing whatever feels right). It would be a pity to see the right guide the 21st-century back to the Middle Ages to preserve a smaller but purer Church - indifferent to tolerance, tolerant of indifference.


Can I get an amen? because, dawg, I'm a playa ... a pool playa.

NorIda took me out last night and, well, is it wrong to find the game too sexy for my own good?

Paul Newman's got nothin' on me! Nothing, I say! Corner pocket, side pocket, if it ain't crammed with balls, I don't care what colour the money is.

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