Monday, April 11, 2005

New Template III

I'd like to thank Steve D'Ang*lo (the asterisk retains his anonymity) for creating another new template for me. He's always so patient even when I criticize his work and demand that he do it my way (not that he gives in) just because I need a form of distraction whenever I'm in the mood for a change. (In this case, from my damn essay.)

Head on over to his site (which I frequented a total of two times. One of which had me bitching on his guestbook about his crappy typeface).

*Note: The SHOUTBOX colour scheme was my idea. Nice and bright. Please don't hurt Steve.


"I thought I was way under-average. I didn't think it would've been worth mentioning."

"Jesus, 1000 hits a month is tons! We've got 60 ... total. And 39 were me."

But I have the benefit of being hosted on Blogger, so it evens out. I think.

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