Sunday, April 03, 2005

Middle and End

I'm trying to study for two final exams tomorrow, but I'm so unmotivated. Darting back and forth from desk to bed to couch to chair, I can't sit still long enough to form a coherent thought.

I called Readerdroid who detailed her first experience at a gay club, concluding that it was tranformative. In other words: she's become a bonafide fag hag.

Talk about having man problems. We're both chasing windmills.

Readerdroid might be juggling two "boys," but all she wants is an effeminate man. I countered that I'm tempted to give up and marry rich - that is, if I ever manage to snag poor.

We sighed simultaneously in mock resignation. Desperation: it thrives off feedback.


Isn't there a way to sidestep studying to earn that paper of productivity?

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