Saturday, March 19, 2005


That's right ladies and gents: Commemorating change, I gave myself dramatic avant-garde bangs Vidal would be proud of.

I look like a cross between Martha Johnson (from Martha and the Muffins, circa 1977) and Bai Ling (before she escaped to the Island of Nippokya: "Where both self-promoters and paparazzi call home!") Oh God, nevermind! Not Bai Ling! She looks like doctors had given up caring half way through brain surgery.

Okay. Think Japanese school girl still deliberating between pop or punk inclinations (J.Lass). Or ... just more Asian (M. Biologique).

"It's like, I'm totally digging the smoky eye look but this checkered headscarf is bitchin' too."

Franz Ferdinand concert tee worn with lavender wrap it is. The bangs and beehive pull it all together. The futuristic-retro feel make it work.


I've got it! Selma Blair during her Twiggy phase but still not quite! Damnit!

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